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      • 人造文化砖色彩的搭配选择
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      Modern young people pay attention to the use of multi-color matching. When decorating a new home, many consumers are faced with a variety of artificial cultural bricks, which are often difficult to choose. Today, we start with color matching and recommend the color matching of cultural bricks with different caves. You can refer to it.


      Blue and green cultural bricks are suitable for restaurant floor, which can make people feel the pleasure and comfort of idyllic style; blue and green series of Wall Cultural bricks can easily remind people of the depth of the sky and the vastness of the grassland; red series of floor cultural bricks make the ground look very special and have a gorgeous feeling; grey series of Wall Cultural bricks can easily remind people of the vastness of the grassland. Cultural brick floor, more cultural taste and natural style; black and white contrast, can increase the level of the ground and sense of structure.



      The beige color is suitable for the series of cultural bricks on the living room floor. It is always the main tone of the living room floor, which makes the living room have a magnificent nobility and elegance. The stone color is also a good choice. It is simple and natural, but also appears heavy and rich in connotation. Cold tones are suitable for poor lighting, so it is easy to feel a cool ocean; light colors such as plain, white and grey are suitable for room paving with poor lighting; dark colors such as black, red and yellow are suitable for room paving with better lighting.


      The above is the color selection and collocation of artificial cultural bricks shared by Xiaobian, hoping to bring some help to you. Everyone can choose the right color according to their preferences. It is important to be natural and not exaggerated. If you want to know more about artificial cultural stone, you can pay attention to us. If you need such products, you can consult us by telephone. Hangzhou Jialu Building Material Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of artificial cultural brick and artificial cultural stone. It is a professional manufacturer of cultural stone. It has been unanimously recognized by customers and colleagues. We look forward to working with you. Cooperation.